About Rayen Early College Middle School

Rage is coming from the innocent, Economies are becoming tired from the incidents; “Come together as one!” Or, “Make more laws, to protect the kids!” Same excuses; no one ever wins. Where is the peace? All the fairs, schools, and public places: Nothing is staying safe within our area, Too many people aren’t showing their faces; So many memories are disappearing. People need to see that their actions matter; Everyone is tired and wants to fight back. At town square you see marches with banners, Cause was made, and effect is now. Everyone knows, violence needs to end. Someway, somehow. By: Ny’Asia M.

Daelin McDowell  

   RECMS Non-Violence Acrostic Poem

What is the Rayen Early College Intermediate School?

RECMS Tiger Mascot

The Rayen Early College Intermediate School is a program for students in grades 4-8. Our goal is to prepare students for the rigor and expectations of high school and college. We are working to help them develop the skills, habits, and attitudes that will allow them to become successful students, and eventually, successful adults in the workforce. Many of our students move on to high school at the Youngstown Early College, where they have the opportunity to work toward an associates degree while in high school! 

Exterior of Rayen Early College Middle School campus

Rayen Early College Middle School  is located at the Williamson Campus, 58 Williamson Ave. Youngstown, OH.

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