Rayen Early College Middle School

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RECMS Mission Statement:
To prepare and develop college and career ready students in a rigorous yet supportive environment that embraces acceleration, increases academic skill, personal development, college enrollment and degree completion in order to be impactful citizens of any community.

RECMS Goals:


GROW - Strengthen instruction and student performance

REFLECT - Continually use data to inform instruction

EXCEL - Create a culture of excellence for sustaining college readiness

ACHIEVE - Increase instructional rigor and student outcomes

TOGETHER - Collaboration across all stakeholders

RECMS Beliefs:

Be Committed
Be Accountable
Be Respectful
Be Resilient
Be Empathetic

We believe with commitment, success is a certainty because every student can learn with the right support.  

We believe instruction is consistent and personalized to meet each student’s need in order  to reach higher levels of production and critical thinking.

We believe in collective  accountability in which  EVERYONE shares in sustaining consistent expectations and responsibilities for the overall health and growth of our school community. 

We believe, we will contribute our individual and collective strengths to make our learning community G.R.E.A.T.E.R.


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