Academic Coaches

RECMS is proud to announce that we will have two Academic Coaches per grade level to ensure our Scholars success! More to come as we get ready to introduce you to our fantastic team of Coaches! 

Mr. Marsh-6th Grade Coach

"In confusion, there is profit".

BORN: October 18, 1948

-Worked as an Operations Manager for two national companies for 45 years.

-Member of the US Army Reserve Corp, and the Kentucky Army National Guard for 10 years

-Coached middle school and high school basketball and baseball for 10 years.

-Umpired and refereed high school baseball and basketball. 20 years.

Had some successes in all my secular pursuits.

Most proud of being married 52 years, and raising 3 fantastic children, who have in turn produced 4 granddaughters. (pink is now my favorite color).

Ms. Salter-8th Grade Coach

"We all we got."

This is my first year working full time in the YCS district. I have an amazing love and outlook for youth.  I am vested in impacting their future and setting them on a path to their purpose.

Miss Anderson-5th Grade Coach

“I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

Kaia Anderson is one of our Academic Coaches here at Rayen Early College Middle School. She was born & raised in Youngstown, OH. Ms. Anderson is a recent graduate of the Youngstown Rayen Early College High School. She is also an alumni of Youngstown State University. In her spare time she enjoys singing, being an entrepreneur & cooking. Ms. Anderson is well aware that every individual has the potential to accomplish any & everything that they put their mind to. She is very blessed to be a part of such an inspiring school that is preparing our students' future for greatness!

Mrs. Booker-6th Grade Coach

Mrs. Booker worked as academic Coach for 6 years.  Worked as an LLI Tutor at MLK.  Has a BS degree from Geneva College.  Enjoys working with our scholars, helping them to fulfill their potential and to become the best that they can be. 

Academic Coach
Ms. Sharp- 7th Grade Coach

"Today is your opportunity to build the tomorrow you want."

My name is Shannon Sharp. I am an Academic Coach here at RECMS. This is my first year as an Academic Coach. I have taught in the district for three years previously at Chaney High School for two years and Harding Elementary for one. I graduated from Youngstown State University in 2018 and have been teaching since. 

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Ms. Lenoir- 8th Grade Coach
"There are no limitations around you, they are within you."

Sonya Lenoir is one of our 8th grade academic coaches here at RECMS. Sonya is an alumni of Youngstown State University, a graduate of YREC High School, and was also a student at RECMS, where she began her journey becoming a leader and inspiring others. Ms.Lenoir was born and raised in Youngstown, OH and emphasizes the importance of instilling knowledge, positivity, and a passion for learning into the youth in her community. She strongly believes that the youth of the present will mold the entirety of the future. She has made it her mission to inspire students to be the best versions of themselves they can be, and stresses the importance of self love, and being you unapologetically. Sonya is currently pursuing an advanced estheticians license, providing spa services such as relaxation massage, facials and many other skin/self care services as well as herbal and holistic healing services. Sonya enjoys being surrounded by the people she loves and those who support her throughout every journey of life. Her main goal as an academic coach is to provide the support and encouragement she was given as a student, to her current and future scholars.


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