8th Grade Leadership

Rayen Early College 8th Grade Leadership Project

TIME - Teach Inspire Motivate Empower 

The Rayen Early College 8th grade Leadership project was started in 2013. The program’s main objective was to preparing our students for the rigor and demanding curriculum at Youngstown Early College. The program was designed by the principal Ms. Debra DiFrancesco and our community leader Kevin Douglas.

 The main goals of the program:

· To provide students the opportunity to develop their leadership and decision making through team building and peer interaction.

· To provide students with a plan of action to the future, which includes career and college explorations exercises

· To expose students to college experiences, community agencies and networking opportunities this will enhance their future as young leaders in our community.

· To create a compassionate, caring and community minded students by involving them in school and community based projects.

Our entire 8th grade has the opportunity to participate in leadership activities. Students who participate in this program have the opportunity to visit a number of colleges and universities in different states and meet with students to learn about their college experiences. In the past, our leadership students have visited Niagara Falls, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Howard University, University of Maryland, American University, Buffalo University, Temple University, University of Pittsburgh, Penn State University, Ohio State University, University of Cincinnati, and Cheyney University.


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